TomTom GO Supreme Review

TomTom GO Supreme Review – A Complete GPS Navigation Device!

In a world where technology is increasingly important, it is necessary to have the most advanced tools that facilitate our lives and that especially simplify the things we do.

That’s why GPS has become an important tool for all of us, because these navigation devices allow us to know our position and where we want to go, quickly and accurately!

In a Glance

With the TomTom GO Supreme you can keep up with traffic and challenges, organize your routes, communicate and make sure that everything is well at home with its IFTTT technology.

If you are looking to save time, this is the ideal option for you! Get yours here on Amazon.

In this TomTom GO Supreme review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the best available options in the market, which intergrates many features in one device.

What is TomTom GO Supreme?

TomTom GO Supreme Reviews

Manufactured by the Dutch company TomTom (a leading company in automotive navigation systems) the TomTom GO Supreme is a navigation device that integrates many quality features.

These include world maps, traffic alerts, speed cameras and its unique applications with constant updates via WiFi to facilitate your journey and ensure that you always go through the best way.

With an internal memory of 16 GB (SD card up to 32GB) it goes further and integrates functions that a simple GPS does not has, this includes but not limited to:

  • Hands-free calls and messages.
  • Organizing your calendar and events.
  • Managing your smart home devices with its IFTTT technology.

For Whom is it Best Recommended?

This device can be used by any person, but due to its key features (more on that later!) its use stands out for those who usually spend a lot of time on the road: either for work or travel.

ProductTomTom GO Supreme 5”TomTom GO Supreme 6”
Weight1.30 lbs (600 g)1.76 lbs (800 g)
Battery1 Lithium ion batteries (included).1 Lithium Polymer batteries (included).
Image quality480 x 272 pixels and 109 PPI800 x 480 pixels with 154 PPI
Screen dimensions5.59 x 3.57 x 0.74 (14 x 9 x 2 cm)6.37 x 4.15 x 0.74 in (16 x 11 x 2 cm)
PriceBest Amazon GPSBest Amazon GPS

The larger version of TomTom GO Supreme offers us a sharper image quality, so if you are a demanding person this resolution is your ideal option, however the quality of both is just as good.

7 Reasons To Buy TomTom GO Supreme

1. Stay Connected All Day Long

Stay Connected With TomTom GO Supreme

Among the TomTom GO Supreme included components, there is a car charger and a USB cable so you can recharge the battery when you need it.

With its integrated Wi-Fi you do not need a computer to connect it.

Moreover, you can access updated maps and real-time information about the traffic in your area, you can also connect your phone to TomTom GO Supreme via Bluetooth so you can receive calls, messages and other important notifications.

2. Mounting Made Easy

TomTom GO Supreme

Unlike other models with reversible mounting, TomTom GO Supreme has an Active Magnetic Mount with which you can easily keep the device attached to the mount that is placed on the windshield.

You can remove the device whenever you want and also have the assurance that it will stay steady while you drive.

3. Hands-Free GPS Configuration

Hands-Free GPS Configuration

Keeping hands on the wheel when driving is very important for our safety!

TomTom GO Supreme comes with a voice-controlled GPS navigator that can be easily activated by saying “Hello Tom Tom”.

And just like that, it will allow you to establish your destination, direction, alternative routes or change device settings according to your preferences.

You can also make hands-free calls as well as ask the device to read your messages with its voice control – by saying “Yes” when it offers to do so.

It is also compatible with Google Assistant or Siri, so along with the other features, you can also use these assistants for whatever you need without letting go of the wheel.

4. Tools Packed For The Road

TomTom GO Supreme 6” Review

One of the best features of the TomTom GO Supreme that I really liked is that it has the TomTom MyDrive and Road Trips programs.

These applications allow you to plan your trip, your route and the places to visit for more enjoyable experience.

If you want people to know where you are, it also has an option that allows you to share your location with the estimated time of arrival function, so that people can know exactly the moment you will arrive!

And to save you from fines and problems on the road, TomTom GO Supreme has a tool that alerts you to the presence of speed cameras on your way.

Whether it is fixed speed cameras, mobile cameras or average speed checks, you can receive updated information to avoid speed problems.

The best part? You can enjoy this service at no additional cost and receive new updates constantly!

5. IFTTT Functionality

IFTTT GPS Technology

TomTom GO Supreme perfectly fulfills its function of guiding you on the route, but it also goes much further and allows you to manage your smart home devices with its IFTTT (If This Then That) function.

From synchronizing the thermostat, turning on the lights, opening the garage door to just playing the music you like!

You can manage your home remotely and make sure everything is in order, as well as configure your phone to find it in case it gets lost.

6. Last Mile Navigation and Find My Car

Car Navigator GPS

With MyDrive you can plan your route and receive directions at all times to reach your destination.

Even when park your car, TomTom GO Supreme offers you the possibility of continuing your route from the MyDrive application on your phone.

Similarly, if you don’t remember where you parked, you can use the Find My Car option in the same app to direct you to the place where your vehicle is.

7. Constant Updates

TomTom GO Supreme 5 Review

TomTom GO Supreme constantly offers you new updates in terms of world maps, traffic and new available routes.

You can also contribute with these updates by creating new routes with its feature that allows you to save or record unrecognized routes.

So, if you travel on an unregistered road, simply travel the route and save it to have it available whenever you want.

TomTom GO Supreme VS TomTom Go Comfort 6 VS TomTom Via 1525SE

TomTom GO Supreme offers many more advantages over other TomTom GPS, as it is considered its most powerful navigation system.

Unlike some of its other popular devices like the GO Confort or Via 1525SE, the GO Supreme’s maps are worldwide, while the others are only limited to North America.

The IFTTT function to program your smart home devices is only available on this model, as well as ongoing updates regarding speed camera alerts.

TomTom GO Supreme integrates features present in the other GPS models as well as unique functions that make this the most complete TomTom system.

TomTom GO Supreme PROS
TomTom GO Supreme CONS
- IFTTT function.- Thick edges take up much of the screen.
- Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi.- No integrated cameras.
- Smart notifications.- In 3D function, all roads are represented with the same color therefore it does not distinguish between interstates or dirt roads.
- Voice-controlled GPS navigator.
- TomTom MyDrive and Road Trips apps.

TomTom GO Supreme Buyers’ Guide

What Are the Box Contents?

  • TomTom GO Supreme 5 or 6 inch.
  • Active Magnetic Mount.
  • Car Charger.
  • USB Cable.
  • Instructions / Documentation.

Are Map Updates Just For North America or The Whole World?

Map updates are available for the entire world.

Can I Use This GPS Navigation Device Offline?

The maps are stored in the device so you can see them whenever you want, however, for other functions such as traffic alerts it is necessary to be connected.

Are All The Roads of My Country Well Covered?

TomTom GO Supreme seeks to cover in detail the largest number of world routes available. However, the covered map may vary by country.

Does TomTom GO Supreme Have an SD Card Port?

Yes. The device has a port to insert a micro SD up to 32GB.

If I Don’t Have Access to Wi-Fi, How Can I receive Notifications?

You can receive updates through your phone with your data plan.

Which of the 2 Versions Available is The Most Recent?

Both versions were released together and, except on screen and image quality there are no differences.

Does The Device include a Motorcycle Mount?

No. The device only includes Active Magnetic Mount for cars.

Is the Mount Adhesive?

The mount is held by a very strong suction cup.

Does it include Topographic Maps?

No, it does not include topographic maps

TomTom GO Supreme Review – Final Verdict

The TomTom GO Supreme is, without a doubt, one of the most complete GPS devices on the market as well as the best option from TomTom.

This tool is ideal for long road trips as well as keeping track of both traffic and speed cameras.

No matter what country you are from, it has world maps with constant updates and tools so you don’t take your hands off the wheel.

TomTom GO goes beyond a simple GPS system and integrates other functions such as IFTTT integration to operate home devices from distance.

If you are a busy person who spends a lot of time on the road, this option is undoubtedly for you, as you can enjoy multiple features in only one device!

TomTom GO Supreme Reviews