How To Detect Fake GPS

How To Detect Fake GPS? – Location Spoofing Detection

Global positioning systems are useful tools that makes our lives easier in many ways.

From being able to know the location of a place or object with exact precision to being able to identify the roads we travel.

With this system, it is very easy to get to an address as it shows us the way or we can see where we are, so it is very unlikely that we get lost.

However, it is possible that people, using different methods, can change their location, so it would show us a false address and may be hiding the true location for many reasons, so how to detect fake GPS?

Tips To Detect Fake GPS

Tips To Detect Fake GPS Location

Many people decide to change their location with applications or acquire another address more beneficial than the one they have.

Someone can lie with his location to avoid troubles, but this although it is beneficial for them is bad for us. 

Below, you can find some actionable tips on how to detect fake GPS:

  • If you are on WhatsApp, make sure that the address they provide you does not have any text.
  • In the same app, the live location option is also useful, as it allows you to see their movements in real-time.
  • You can ask for evidence of such a location, such as photos or videos.
  • Ask for the GPS location details to know if the person is using a fake address or not.

Detecting Fake GPS in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the leading messaging service; therefore we use it in our day today.

It is possible to share our location so that people can know where we are or get to our address without getting lost.

This service provided by Google Maps can be falsified to show another address through a simple trick:

Through Google Maps you can copy an address and send it by WhatsApp, so when you open it will take you to that location that might not be real.

So, how to detect fake GPS on WhatsApp?

With the send location tool, we simply send the map without any additional text, instead of when the address is copied next to the map we can see the text of the address, as it has been copied.

Unfortunately, there are applications to spoof addresses and with them, it is very difficult to know if the address is false.

In the case of WhatsApp, this takes it as real; therefore we must use other mechanisms that give us evidence that the address is real, such as photos or videos.

There are many applications to modify the location and deceive the GPS and before this, we can not do much, because even computer scientists must use complex codes with which to determine the veracity of an address.

Detecting Fake Locations

Detecting a fake GPS location can be complicated.

However, although it can be complicated due to so many programs to modify addresses, it is important to determine how to detect fake GPS.

This is something that we can achieve without much complexity if inquire more about the actual address.

Detecting Fake Locations