Can You Use GPS Without Data

Can You Use GPS Without Data? | 5 Best Offline GPS Apps

Can you use GPS without data? You will surely be surprised to know that it is possible.

Moreover, the best thing is that there are several ways to do it.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

How To Use GPS Without Data?

When we travel to another country, we can get lost if we don’t know the exact destination.

Yes, although it may seem obvious, we use our GPS because it is the best way to know where we are and where we are going.

However, what happens if we don’t have an internet connection? How to use GPS without data or wifi? And what about GPS tracking without cell service?

If one or more of the above are of your concerns, you have come to the right article.

Here, we will give you some solutions to these problems.

We will explain everything in more detail below.

Using Google Maps Without Data

Best Offline GPS Apps

The Google Maps application is installed on most, if not all, Android phones.

The system has been around for many years, providing live traffic data in more than 600 cities and driving directions in almost 200 countries.

But, can you use GPS without data on the Google Maps app?

Recently, a new feature was implemented: You can now download maps to use when you don’t have a connection or mobile data left in your plan.

To use Google Maps offline:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap the three stripes in the upper left corner or swipe your finger to the left.
  3. Tap the Offline Maps option and then tap on Select your own map.
  4. Select the area for which you need an offline map and click on Download.
  5. Wait until it downloads before disconnecting from a network.

A large map can weigh about 300 MB.

However, you can also download maps by country or continent – As expected, a continental map will take up much more space.

You should remember that each downloaded map will be deleted within a month unless it is updated.

Normally, Google Maps does this automatically when connected to a Wi-Fi network or, when you switch on your mobile data. However, you should check the latter if it’s enabled on your phone.

Other Ways To Use GPS Without Data

The truth is that Google Maps is not the only method available to use GPS without mobile data.

Instead, there are many map applications with offline options.

These are the ones we consider the best:

Offline GPS App #2 –

For iOS users who don’t have Google Maps, you can use

It is completely free and one of the best for using GPS without the mobile data.

It has maps of anywhere in the world to download and use offline.

The maps are incredibly detailed, with every road and alley.

They also have many points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and gas stations. But to get these, you will have to pay for the VIP version.

Offline GPS App #3 – Navmii

This is another great app for using GPS without data, but it has a small drawback.

You can download the main app and buy maps for other countries.

However, you can save money by downloading the app for each country.

That is, there is a global app (which is actually the one for the country you are in), and there is an app for each country.

If you download, for example, the Canada app, you will have the free map, but with advertising.

It is not that it has all the maps of all countries, but its offer is still quite wide. It works quite well and can be used with a real-time location.

Offline GPS App #4 – Navitel Navigator

The Application is available for Android and iOS.

By downloading it, you will have free access to some maps, but almost all of them are premium.

You can buy maps for a limited time or indefinitely.

Now, Navitel Navigator has detailed maps of 59 countries.

Navitel Navigator has a voice navigation, so if you’re going to drive just enable the option and let it do the hard work for you.

Offline GPS App #4 -Here WeGo Maps

Created by Here Apps LLC, a company that develops navigation software systems, it can be downloaded on both Android or iOS devices.

It is completely free and only needs a user account to use it.

It includes maps of all continents and countries.

You can download them if you want to use GPS without Wi-Fi or data. Although the maps are a bit heavy, they have many points of interest.

Offline GPS Apps