Google Maps Update Time

How Long Does it Take For Google Maps To Update?

We believe we’re not telling any news by stating that by today everyone uses Google Maps on a daily basis.

In numbers, Google Maps has over one billion users each month which is not a surprise if we take into consideration the fact that the service provides live traffic data in more than 600 cities and driving directions in almost 200 countries.

The best part? All those features are available for free and without any restrictions.

And if you are a regular user, you might have already noticed that the details are not always accurate.

This might make you question the basic operation and the frequency of Google Maps updates.

So, how do you know that it’s accurate and up-to-date and how long does it take for Google Maps to update its data?

Well, to answer those questions, you should know the various sources, processes, and operations this complex service requires.

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How Does Google Maps Get its Data?

How Does Google Maps Get its Data

One of the most crucial features of Google Maps is Street View which enables automatic extraction from the images to update any changes regarding addresses or street and business names.

Another source is the provided data from third-party authorities and businesses.

That is an enormous amount of data that is processed with the help of machine learning. With this approach, Google Maps can now map 10 times faster!

Last but not least, the service is relying greatly on its users, more specifically via more than 20 million user contributions every day.

This is possible because every user who uses Google Maps can send feedback if the data is not correct or updated.

So now that you understand the HOW let’s see the WHEN!

How Long Does it Take For Google Maps To Update?

How Long Does it Take For Google Maps To Update

Well, it depends on the source of the data. On average, the data derived from the first two sources (data and imagery) can sometimes be 1 to 3 years old.

In highly populated locations, updates can happen a lot more often compared to more isolated places.

Also depending on the demand, the process can be accelerated to only a few months.

The reason behind the relatively slow process is that Google Maps doesn’t update in real-time.

However, when it comes to user contributions, the process is a lot faster.

It’s important to state that there is no fixed duration or schedule for the review process.

Usually, every submitted report is evaluated within 15 to 30 days by the Google Team.

After that – if the team makes the requested change – it might take around a week for the search and directions to update completely.

Lastly, the data already uploaded on the system is constantly being updated, basically every second of every day.

This is true for addresses, companies, ratings, and traffic as well.

Thanks to these features and sources of Google Maps, we can always have up-to-date data when we are traveling and accurate addresses when we try to orientate ourselves in a new neighborhood.

So all of you, who had some doubts before about when was the last time Google Maps was updated or how often does Google Street View update, you can safely rely on this amazing platform whenever you might feel lost!

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