Can You Use GPS Coordinates in Google Maps

Can You Use GPS Coordinates in Google Maps?

Google Maps is a very useful tool; with it, we can get to any address without getting lost, find a restaurant or cinema in the city, and see which the least traveled street to our house is.

We can also create custom maps and they can show you in real-time, the incidence on the roads.

But, can you use GPS coordinates in Google Maps?

Before answering this questions, let us first learn more about GPS coordinates.

What Are GPS Coordinates And How Do You Read Them?

We well know that there are places such as the field where there is no street or route that Google Maps can point out to us, that is why in these cases it is best to look for the GPS coordinates of the exact point and share them with whoever we need to make sure we are present in the same place without getting lost.

Hence, GPS coordinates can be of total help to determine a specific location with total precision.

The exact coordinate even allows you to draw a route from the point where you are to the one indicated and vice versa, someone who wants to go to the position that is commanded.

A coordinate is made up of two parts: latitude, which is the horizontal lines on the map, and longitude, which is the vertical lines on the map.

Both are measured in sexagesimal degrees and in this way it allows us to locate ourselves exactly on the planet.

For example 29° 58′ 45.03″ N, 31° 8′ 3.69″ E (the coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza).

That reads 29 degrees 58 minutes 45.03 seconds north and 31 degrees 8 minutes 3.69 seconds east.

Can You Use GPS Coordinates in Google Maps?

Technically yes. Now, to use the coordinates in Google Maps, which, although at first glance it is not intuitive, is possible to do it quickly and easily, you just have to copy the coordinates and paste them into the search bar.

Once this is done, we search and a marker will automatically appear at our coordinates.

If otherwise, we want to know our coordinates or those of some other place on the globe, we just have to do the following:

  1. Open Google Maps and use the zoom to see the point you need closer.
  2. Press and hold any place or on yourself.
  3. A tab for the location will appear.
  4. Scroll down until you see the “Location” icon accompanied by two figures to its right.
  5. Copy both numbers and paste them back into the search bar.
  6. Google Maps will return the coordinates to you.

To share it with any contact, simply press the share button (whose location will vary depending on whether Android or iOS is used) and choose the application.

Even so, it is not a completely necessary process given the tools that we currently have and that are accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

Finally, we can conclude that it is not very difficult to enter or search for GPS coordinates in Google Maps, in addition to the advantages it gives us by being able to search for specific locations which we can not obtain through addresses.

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