Texans lead the league in cap space, unless they don’t

Texans lead the league in cap space, unless they don’t

The same official cap numbers that show the Chiefs as having the least current cap space ($177) show the Texans as having the most, with more than $49 million.

Those figures, as noted by Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, don’t include deals that the Texans have reached but not finalized with various 2020 free agents.

The unusual COVID-19 procedures have allowed teams to strike and to announce deals even if they current’y aren’t, and never will be, finalized. Wilson rattles off various deals the Texans have done with their own players and other free agents; it’s unclear whether all of them have not been finalized.

Receiver Randall Cobb explained last week during his introductory conference call with the Texans that he has neither taken a physical nor signed a contract.

Any deals that aren’t done can be undone. On one hand, it’s surprising that more players haven’t reneged. On the other hand, that kind of thing can impact in a very negative way the relationships between the agents who negotiated the deals and the teams with which they were negotiated.

This year, teams may end up reneging on some deals, under the guise of a failed physical.