Six-year-old collects 150 Easter eggs for NHS staff and health workers

Six-year-old collects 150 Easter eggs for NHS staff and health workers

Easter under lockdown might be one of the strangest experiences yet but we’ve always got the comfort of drowning ourselves in all the chocolate eggs.

But, unlike most of us, one six-year-old is saying no to the chocolate goodness by donating her eggs to healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Little Clarissa Greenfield, from Leicestershire on Lincolnshire, is more selfless than most of us were in our childhood and has collected the sweet treats every year to give to the children’s hospital.

This year, she’s decided to honour those on the frontline of Covid-19 and gave it over to NHS staff at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital.

Mum Felicity, 24, said: ‘She is only six years old and started collecting Easter Eggs last year in a hope to make people in hospital feel better, she is so excited to be able to donate the whole collection to the hospital staff this year and hopes it goes a little way to show the nation’s appreciation!’

Clarissa had collected 126 last year but wanted to get more in this time.

It’s her annual tradition for the children’s ward so she had already started collecting before we went into lockdown.

But with panic-buying making things a bit harder for everyone and leaving supermarkets empty, Clarissa completed the stash by asking friends, family and appealing to the local area.

Mum Felicity adds: ‘Clarissa said she never gets tempted to eat them as she knows her mummy and daddy will get her one for Easter and that they are much more needed for people who need a smile!

Clarissa has seen first hand how hard healthcare workers work after they helped her grandma with some health problems.

Felicity adds: ‘Clarissa also said she knows how hard the doctors and nurses work as they helped make granny a little better so after seeing everything on the news and how busy they are they really deserved a special treat.’

What a sweetheart.