Garmin c330 GPS

GPS for Autos

We bought the c330 because we were planning on taking a vacation to Florida via Washington DC. We were planning on stopping at all the East Coast Beaches. We didn't want to get lost on this roadtrip, and our cute little Streetpilot i2 stopped working after we upgraded the memory.

We paid $500.00 for the Garmin c330 and it was worth every cent. This was 2 years ago and the c330 is still working great.

Recently we went to Cabelas in Mitchell SD, and saw that the c330 price was reduced to $300.00. What a deal!

If you are planning on taking any type of vacation or roadtrip, you have got to get some kind of GPS, it will save you a lot headaches (and gas)

Do you use this in your car? We'd like to hear how it works for you. Email us!

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