GPS Useful Facts and Information

GPS, in case you didn't know stands for, "Global Positioning System." To some, it's a form of new technology, and our mission here is to educate our visitors about this topic.

A Brief History

GPS was developed and used by the US military, and now it is available to the general public. As the computer technology progresses, the GPS devices become more advanced and sophisticated. At the same time, the GPS is not a geek gadget as it once was. Modern cars are now equipped with a GPS and is now becoming a standard feature of the demanding consumer. The prices on modern GPS devices are significantly dropping, and more affordable that ever.


On these pages we will introduce you to several different types of GPS hardware and software, available on the market today. There are different types and styles made to suit your needs. To name a few, hikers, boaters, explorers, pilots are all using GPS devices to their advantage. They are not all the same as some might think, but rather, made for specific purposes.

How a GPS Works

We do not want to confuse you with the technical terms, but in simple terms a GPS device has an antenna that sends a signal to the satellites in space. The GPS device also has a mapping software installed. The signal from your GPS tells the satellites your location on earth, which then is implemented by the mapping software. Simply put, you have a digital map that shows you exactly where you are at, or which direction you are moving. Other navigation options are available such as a compass, altitude, speed, etc. The options vary with different devices, but these are the most common.

GPS for Hiking and Hikers

Most of the GPS units for hikers are compact, lightweight and some are waterproof as well. If you are about to set course to the depth of the Alaskan wilderness, whether hiking, fishing, hunting or exploring, a GPS is a must! Especially , if you are unfamiliar with the territory.

GPS for Tourists and Tourism

As we mentioned earlier, every GPS has a specific purpose. Therefore, street maps would not be very useful to hikers. On the other hand if you like to travel, whether locally or to other countries, there is a GPS made just for you. Of course there are "printed" maps available, but they could get quite confusing. So how can a GPS help you, the tourist, to get around? The answer is simple, not only does it show you which street your on, but you can also mark the location of your hotel and places to visit, like local museums and other attractions. Think about all the saved time you would have to enjoy yourself, rather than finding your way around.

GPS Software

If you have been using computers for awhile, you know that there are different applications (software) that virtually do the same thing. GPS is no exception. While some applications will offer somewhat limited maps with major roadways for a particular country, others have very detailed street maps along with marked locations such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, airports, and the list just goes on and on. Almost anything you can think of, you can find.

Voice Guided GPS

If you are doing alot of driving, it's hard to keep your eyes on a GPS screen, therefore, the developers came up with a solution of creating a "Voice Guided GPS" to make it more safe for the driver. Now the GPS tells you where to turn, how far you are from your destination, etc. Other units are voice controlled. You can give voice commands, such as, "Find an alternative route," and voila, you're avoiding all the traffic! This quite amazing technology makes you wonder what's next.


Do you hate getting lost? We have proven it to ourselves many times, "Do not leave without your GPS!" If you are in need of a GPS assistant, we hope you find our website useful, and hope to help you find the GPS device you are looking for.

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